JC Sorella

It all started with a hammer and a silver dollar.


...and a little bit of persistence

John Christian Jewelers est. 2012

JC Sorella  est. 2018

How We Do It


Jack Potter found his gift about 10 years ago in his basement, hammering a silver dollar into a simple band. He did this over and over again, giving rings to his friends and eventually moving on to wire necklaces for his close girl friends. At 14 years old, he learned to set diamonds and eventually started casting silver and solid gold shortly after.

The rest of Jack's journey is highlighted in our John Christian tab.

He then invited his two older brothers to help him start JC Sorella, a company that embodies his creative, confident, and entrepreneurial lifestyle. One that allows us to be transparent with our work and supply our peers with stylish, attainable jewelry. In short, to share our gifts.

JC Sorella was brought to life based on the idea that creativity is the blueprint for the world around us, and a tool that everyone has.

We built a workshop, thoughtfully designed our pieces, and set out to pursue our passion. We encourage you to do the same. Enjoy.

How We Do It

Lost Wax Casting is an ancient method of duplicating metal sculptures that can be dated back to 3700 BC. We use it to make our jewelry. We start with wax models of the pieces to be made, combine them to make a "tree", and place this tree into a metal flask. The flask is then filled to the brim with a plaster material and heated in a kiln for 10-12 hours, burning out the wax and creating cavaties in the plaster. The next step is to pour molten silver into the cavities as a high-powered vacuum pulls the metal into perfect place. After a little cutting and clean-up, the pieces start to shape and shine to perfection, making ancient look absolutely stunning.

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The Workshop